Livotte founders

Elevating Basics to New Heights

Livotte emerged from the desire for versatile, sophisticated tops that complement every outfit.

Perfecting Fabric Blend: 96:4

The magic lies in our fabric. Its crafted to be just right, neither too thick nor too thin; the unique blend of 96% organic cotton and 4% lycra is exclusive to Livotte. This bespoke fabric is a testament to the combined decades of fashion expertise of our co-founders, Beth & Delphine. It strikes the perfect balance of structure, comfort, and resistance.

Earth-Friendly First

Livotte tops are free from polyester, rayon, and elastane.

A Passion for Sustainability: Livotte Lasts

Our fabric has been professionally tested to over 200 washes, ensuring vibrant color retention, no pilling and zero shrinkage. Livotte isn't just fashion; it's a commitment to quality wear, time after time.

Eco-Conscious at Heart

We're proud to say all our production takes place in England, with our mill located in the Midlands, just a short journey from London. Our commitment to small batch production results in minimal waste. We use biodegradable poly bags and our packaging is made from sustainable sugarcane.
Delve deeper into our local production practices and our dedication to the environment in our Sustainability Statement.