Livotte is made in England. From it’s inception, their vision was to produce locally, they never considered factories abroad in Portugal, Asia or elsewhere.

Not only did they have young families but they understood the importance of being able to take a train to their factory to ensure quality and consistency.

They were able to control their production by producing in small batches. This allowed them the flexibility to test out different styles to see what resonated with their customer.

The company has little waste and has never been controlled by large minimum order requirements. As a start up, this is rare in manufacturing. Small companies often need to mark down and destroy inventory because they are forced to order more inventory than they are able to sell.

Their organic and uncontaminated cotton fabric is made from yarns from the EU. The mill is 100 miles outside of London and they use one bespoke fabric to exclusively create all of their styles.

In addition to producing in Britain and having their mill here, all of their packaging needs are purchased from the UK. They do not use any single use plastic. Their tops are packaged in degradable polybags. They make every effort throughout the supply chain to be as eco friendly as possible. If there is a better alternative, they find it and choose it.

They live in London and set out to base their business where they are based by supporting their local British economy.